Level up

Remember when I said that my supervisors thought I was crazy to keep working here? Turns out I misunderstood. They didn’t mean that it’d be crazy to want to keep working here. I’ll become crazy if I keep working here.

I probably should have picked up on that earlier. Whether it be from DJ’s frequent singing in falsetto or the Joker laugh occasionally emanating from the dairy cooler. Oh, well.

I showed up at work Friday and got into a uniform: tan polo and black apron like all the other level 1 employees at the Gr1lle. As I walked into the kitchen, Liz passed me, sporting a gray polo in her uniform, symbolizing her newly bestowed elevated rank. She stopped, stared at me and said, “Go talk to Sam.” I think, “Okay, boss lady.”

Sam’s the student manager at the Gr1lle. She’s really high up in the University Dining Services hierarchy while still being a student. I got to her office and after two minutes of conversation and shared confusion, she remembers that she forgot to tell me got promoted to “grey shirt”. In reality, I blathered for about forty-five seconds in flattered surprise, but I prefer to remember the moment like this.

crowning achievement unlocked

Thus a new age dawns.

In addition, leveling up unlocks new branches on my skill tree in addition to upgrading several old attributes. But there’s still some abilities I can’t do.

crossed scoops


Scooping rate is increased 17%.


NEW ABILITY Fryer oil can be filtered once nightly. Speed increases with experience.

access to secret areas

Security clearance

Access granted to top secret areas. Immune to security gnomes.



Stamina increases 13%. Double shifts no longer cause drowsiness.

Shake and a zam


“For here” orders are basketed 15% faster. “To go” orders are wrapped 12% faster.



Communication Log

3 Responses to “Level up”

  1. Dylan says:

    I’ll start saluting when you’re a black shirt.

  2. The other Dylan says:

    Nice! Congrats!

  3. Tommy says:

    Junyong, keep in mind that I have the ability to change the names that accompany the comments. Dylan is taken. Also, you sacrifice your position in the reader-with-the-most-comments ranking. You’re in the top 5.

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