Return of the Grey Shirt

Okay, maybe I should put that last post into context. The only reason I did that, injuring my palms, knuckles, abdomen and knee was because I was jacked up on espresso at training week at the Harrison Grille. That’s right. The Harrison Grille now has espresso and accompanying coffee-based drinks.

I came really early for training week: Saturday the 14. How couldn’t I? I won’t identify my summer job back in Illy, but I will say that I wore a tie, represented a corporation and endangered the health of hundreds of people.

My mom and aunt dropped me off at the house of Los Tres Camisos Negros: Audrey, Sherry and Liz. They were gracious enough to lend me their couch and let me get naked in their shower for a week while I waited for my lease to start.

Living near the Fowler bridge across the river was a new experience. My only other exposure to overpasses and ramps like that was in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. But I finally know how to navigate that big street by the river without hopping over a concrete divider. Unfortunately, hitting X does not let me do bunny hops over pedestrians. But something I could do here that I couldn’t do in GTA: take the bus to the downtown station so I could transfer to another bus that would take me to work.

Back at the Harrison Grille, with many of the supervisors gone, a lot falls on the shoulders of those who remain, most of all, the grey shirts. Luckily, we have a good looking group of tan shirts that we’ve gotten to know well over the last week. We all bonded over a group espresso binge and a minor smoothie Chernobyl during preview days.

Oh, did I mention we have fresh fruit smoothies? Hells yeah, bitches. Available in sixteen ounce portions: $3.89


Also, here is a picture of Audrey’s dog. Please feel free to squee in comments.

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