*sigh* No pie

Oh wow. What a magical Thanksgiving.

Turkey empty check box
Sweet potatoes empty check box
Cranberry sauce       empty check box
Noodles filled check box
Killing spree filled check box

The tradition is to play Halo 2 with my cousin from noon til nine, upstairs, in a “Quarantine Zone” away from all the screaming children and discussions of downloaded movies or bargains at Kohl’s. That’s Asians for you.

That would also explain why we had phở for lunch. And turkey? No way. Were there any turkeys in Asia? Turkey is the White Man’s Bird (which the white man actually stole from the Native Americans). Chicken, ironically Cornish hen, was the bird of choice.

Other than the piracy and noodles, the day was spent trying to act like white people. There was salad, mashed potatoes, cheesecake, and mixed vegetables. I don’t know why, considering how none of my relatives like “white peoples’ food” that much. I understand their aversion, considering how they don’t know how to use the applicable seasonings.

Asian seasoning? Soy sauce, peanut sauce, nước mắm.

American seasoning? Salt…

Beyond that, my family is stumped. So everything was eaten sans seasoning using knives and forks. (Except Grandma. She’s got mad skillz and eats her mashed potatoes with chopsticks.)

2 Responses to “*sigh* No pie”

  1. Neal says:

    No pie eh? phở is phoneticaly similar to pie. well, then depends on how you pronounce ở. How long did it take for you to find the alt code for that affront to all ‘o”s everywhere.

    Well, I think I might commit suicide if I ever had to go through a thanksgiving w/out my grandma’s pumpkin pie. I would kill for it. Not Joking.

  2. Tommy says:

    Yeah, whoever Latinized the Vietnamese language fell in love with accents. there’s no alt code for all the accent combinations. I’d need special software for that. I just copy/paste from Wikipedia.

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