w00t, First Scholastic Bowl Meet of the year. Driving in an ice storm to “Shamburg”. (It’s like Schaumburg except it has Fieldwood Mall and is home of the Shamburg Grounders.) We ended up winning two of three rounds.

I learned some valuable lessons about strategy. For example, I’m fueled by candy. Patrick’s mom showed up to cheer him on just like last year. Also just like last year, she brought candy for everyone. By eating a 100 Grand immediately before a round, I supercharged my basic math abilities. A relative velocity question involving the sum of 40 and 75 became a knee jerk reaction. However, just as quickly as these abilities come, they flee. Once the glucose is metabolized, I begin to struggle with simple double-digit-coefficient equation systems.

There’s also a law in Scholastic Bowl. You always know the answer when you’re rotated out. At one point during the third round, I tried to restrain myself from screaming “JULIE FREAKING ANDREWS!” Oh well. That’s just chance or Borgh calling the shots.

I asked Neal whether or not this match counted toward anything like a cumulative tournament or something. He never gave me an answer. This raises the horrifying possibility that the Scholastic Bowl is a front for an intermural gambling wherein teachers bet on how smart their students are. This would explain why Borgh told me he’d “offer [me] cash to show up on Tuesday.”

Oh, man. I sound so paranoid. I’m beginning to sound like Walthers. I need more candy.

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  1. Neal says:

    Here is your answer: that match was just preseason, so it does not affect anything else. Like you said today, sometimes we have Saturday tournaments, but those are separate from the actual season. Normally scho bowl progresses like any sport, all the way down to state.

    So in short, No those matches meant nothing.

    Do not always pirate,

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