For Sale II

So I’ve tried to put on a brave face and stay positive, but I’d be lying if I claim to not have noticed any cracks in the facade. It’s kind of really discouraging watching all my friends go off and move the industry forward, or if not that, get paid gobs of money, while I’m here in my underwear at 2PM.

Let me clarify: I’m wearing other clothes, too. It’s been getting colder unfortunately. Which is SADdening. Made worse because I’m already baseline bummed.

Then I got the student loans hovering over my head and the first grace period expiring in November. So… yeesh. That’s a part of the reason I’m selling anything I can’t find a use for. But mostly its the aforementioned Transcendentalist life-marrow-sucking reasons.

What I want right now is a job that won’t break me. That won’t push me off the edge into cynicism. I didn’t cross the ocean and do all I did so that I could come back here and be a part of the problem with this nation’s healthcare. The people I met over there were the best kind of health professionals. They did what they did with no expectation of compensation, nothing but compassion to drive them. It’s what health care should ideally be. It keeps you human. You are not just a cog in a machine. You are a positive force in society. Espousing the scientific triumphs of medical science to assuage the suffering of your fellow man.

And the backup plan? Well, if no one’s going to hire me. Uh… Air Force. Three branches of the military need pharmacists and there’s less running in PT for the AF. And, hey. Free Lasik. I only have to give up a few years of my life.

At least I got the Hilly Hundred coming up to cheer me up. It’ll be good to see old Purdue friends again. And possibly die with them.

One Response to “For Sale II”

  1. Dylan says:

    At the end of the day, all you get to say is whether or not you fought the good fight Dr.Tran.

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