The last 3K Venegoni paper was due today. It was actually better than normal this time. Granted, I didn’t have a topic until Friday afternoon. I started Saturday morning and had 315 words by the end of the night. Sunday morning, I had new resolve. I had 1000 words by 7 PM. I managed to go to bed early at 2:15 with 2463 words. I woke shockingly easily in the morning and surprised myself with productivity. 2652 by the end of first period. Just some vaguely concluding sentences were needed and some completely forged citations. Did I say “completely forged”? I meant slightly forged.

Surprisingly fresh on three hours of sleep, I even managed to pay attention in Venegoni’s class. I skipped out on “Relaxation Day” in Psych to go print the essay and do one last Chem lab. Fun lunch period. Guess which resident pervert has received the nickname “Gropey McShag”. Or was it Shaggy McGrope? I’ll let you decide the next time you see him.

We had the first AP Chem scavenger hunt ever today as well. My team was JY, the Flash, Naughty and Gropey. Cassidy gave us a list of stuff we had to photograph ourselves doing or steal from the science wing. I regret to say that we were a little disruptive and there was excessive sprinting in acquiring the following.

  1. Specimen jar from bio room
  2. One item from Mr. Marks classroom
  3. Build a sandcastle in the long jump pit at least six inches high and with two towers.
  4. Clothe our naked man statue in bottom and top. He would also like to be wearing some sort of bling and be holding something in his outstretched hand.
  5. The oldest member of the group must fully climb inside the large green recycle bins located in the stairwells.
  6. Take a photo on stage of the theater. You need at least one prop and must be acting out a famous scene in your picture.
  7. Build a human pyramid in a classroom, involving at least two of their students also.
  8. Add your handprints to the wall by Hersey preschool on a clean sheet of butcher paper. Photograph this next to their artwork, then you can leave it or take in with you if you wish.
  9. The most shy group member must get their picture with any school administrator.
  10. Get any group member to pose for a picture in the dean’s or police counselor’s office cuffed to a chair or restrained somehow. The subject must have a rebellious look on his/her face. No using stock footage from a previous encounter.
  11. The group must pose on the fitness center bikes, staging a Tour de France photo finish.
  12. Recreate the Beatles’ Abby Road album cover by the back circle drive.
  13. Play one minute of soccer tennis, using any ball but feet only.
  14. Find the infamous Hersey van and photograph yourself “stickering” it. You will need to work your charm here, or be very good at forgery.
  15. Photograph an AP bio kid crying… crying like a little baby.

You can view the photos (including a very enthusiastic Titanic scene reenactment) here.

They had the Sundae party today. It’s an annual event at Hersey where they give away free ice cream sundaes to anyone to either took an AP test or says they took an AP test. The old system involved a yellow flyer sent through mail that was an entrance ticket. That system was replaced by the new one: announcing the event over the PA system five minutes before it occurs. I sorta missed the old system. It gave me an excuse to run through the halls singing, “I’ve got a golden ticket!”

One Response to “Hunted”

  1. Walthers says:

    I did the crying for Merideth’s group. Surprisingly, the same muscles that allow me to smile indefinitely throughout the day also work just as well for frowning.

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