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Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

I’m neglecting this site. Which is a shame because I’ve occupied myself the past few months working on… myself. And I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, I just am proud by myself. Which was the goal all along. I figure, though, since you all MIGHT care about me and be curious what I’m up to, I should put stuff here.

I will. Soon. Promise

*disappears for 8 years*

Still kicking

Saturday, December 31st, 2016

*sigh* work just has a way of pulling the rug out from under you, doesn’t it? I was a couple weeks into voice lessons when my work schedule was flipped upside down. Pharmacy Manager left so I was handed all his shifts which were like 44 hrs a week minimum. At one point in August, I worked 51 hours in 7 days or something crazy. Short on techs (as per usual), but let me tell you, that team is GOOD. Those guys have always had my back and I busted my ass to have theirs.

I say past tense because I no longer work for the original company that hired me. Drew* spurred me to fire off an application into the blue and I was apparently highly recommended by a tech from Company one that had moved onto company two because that’s probably what any self-respecting person does.

So a fresh start, right? I go from badass verifier who can play the computer keyboard like a piano (I actually have to pause to wait for the GUI to catch up with me.) to dumb puppy who doesn’t know how to do basic stuff much less do it fast. It doesn’t help that the new system is written in Java. *shudder*

Slow slow slowly. I’ll get back up to that point again. Eventually.

*I forgot to mention Drew til now, didn’t I?