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Operation Garden Fresh

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

Cassidy often publicly asks himself, “Why am I so easily amused?” The agenda today, the last official day of school for seniors? TP the AP Environmental Science class.

plan of attack

Of course, this actually involved literally days of planning, supply-gathering and screwing around to pull off.

*As many people have been asking about, I’ll answer it here. The choice of name is a reference to Operation Market Garden, an Allied assault in the European theater of WWII.

I now have been asked to make a chem slideshow. My only obstacles are the lack of pictures, and the choice of song. “We Didn’t Start the Fire” has some issues with it: we did start the fire, too many history references. Any suggestions?

Burritoes and Explosions

Friday, March 14th, 2008

A happy pi day to all.

pi pin
I celebrated by wearing this rockin’ pin that I soldered freshman year in Art 1. It’s only about the size of a quarter. I should have aimed a little bigger. Something like a giant pendant I wear around my neck like Flavor Flav. That’d be awesome if I were in Jewelry and had time to solder it.

Well, you had no way of knowing but I survived. I survived the inevitable day when the Double Execution Style would come to a head. Thursday: a chem test and a physics test on the same day. Electricity and thermodynamics. And this is a giant three-chapter physics test and a still-intimidating 7/10 of a standard Chem test. A third night in a row of 6-hours sleep and I still didn’t have the chem homework set finished. I think I was tragically overconfident for the Chem test. And the physics test? Well, that was just plain tragic.

Cassidy made it up to us Friday.

(Notice the ghostly silhouette captured toward the end?)

Another first for me: eating an entire Chipotle burrito in one sitting. You probably know them better as ~1-lbs, 1000-Calorie, 3-inch thick, more-than-most-actual-Mexicans-eat-in-a-day, tortilla wrapped rice bombs. I’ve only had three of these previously and the last one was eaten in two sittings accompanied by a large glass of milk. The problem is that my mouth is not big enough to bite all to the way to the center region so I have to tackle the middle column of meat, rice and salsa with a fork. I thought to myself that I should order the salad next time. Then I had another thought: #$~! salads. So let today mark the first time I finished an entire Chipotle burrito without any help or milk.