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“Don’t worry, it’s a dolphin.”

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

The pharmacy kids would remember those humorous slides that Professor Rochet showed at the end of a lecture a couple weeks ago. Well, I just want to say that I’ve been trolling exam graders since last year. This is the first in what I hope to be a very long-lived series.

Not all of these are from exams, and since some exams are not ever returned, so I’ve had to redraw some of these. Others are parts of long drawn out injokes that would run the entire course of the exam. For example, this first drawing was foreshadowed by me writing the post title on the first page.

dolphin on the exam
It all started with me circling my answer, as is custom, Then sorta morphed into a boat. I believe the allusion is Noah’s Ark, but I’m not sure.

physics cribsheet
This is replicated from my PHYS 221 test on, among other things, relativity. I’ll just let it speak for itself and let the Browncoats deduce the initials in the subscripts. Moving on…

on the fourth exam
I hated that problem soo much. All the answers had to be given ± a standard deviation. I ended up filling the page with work. Luckily, one of the graders in this multiple-TA class played along.

the alligation alligator

Ah, calculations. And alligation. Wacky fun…

The Harrison Grille Jargon File

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Okay, in case you haven’t noticed by now, I tend to overdramatize things at the Gr1llé. Even going so far as to tell the tan-shirts, “A Eruchin, ú-dano i faelas a hyn, an uben tanatha le faelas.” during any lulls we may have. My own perfectionism and obsessive compulsiveness have blossomed into loyalty and dedication. Huh. Who saw that coming?

So imagine my surprise when I see that all but one of the freshmen enlistees who trained alongside me three semesters ago have ditched for other operations or off-campus co-ops. Apparently they failed to see the Gr1llé as I have: more than a place, but an idea. And the idea is to make money.

So I propose my idea for retaining more workers: jargon. Jargon foments acceptance. By speaking our “language”, you are informally initiated into the Gr1llé family. Jargon is catalyst for loyalty and invites one to all manner of even more inclusive inside jokes. 懂了吗? Everyone still with me? Shiny.


“bunker” The dock freezer, so called because it is sound-proof and explosion resistant with plenty of shrapnel protection.
“Code Red” The entire screen is red, meaning we have a crap ton of orders.
“Slammed” A line out the door (~40 ft), meaning we are priobably about to have a Code Red.
“sitrep” situation report
“Black Cauldron” the large soup kettle in the front wherein we hold tomato soup.
Earl The freezer across from the office where we keep bacon and ham and turkey that has few other distinguishing characteristics.
“in the trenches” back in the kitchen behind the serving window.
“Drilling teeth” making shakes aggressively/efficiently causing the mixer head to grind the sides of the cup
“Slimed” If you worked the shakes station and got slammed. Originates in that if you make shakes too rapidly, or contour the ice cream scoops just right, the half&half will be propelled up into your face.
“The Hammer” Sunday night mid shift
“Defcon 4” running out of nachos
“SOP” Standard Operating Protocol
“Big Bertha” The large 40-qt bins of chopped chicken
“Front lines” Wraps and expediting along with register/cleaning tables.

Nicknames, too. Nicknames foment camaraderie. e.g. “The Reverend”, which is taken by Doug who, despite the name, is ironically neither a clergyman nor a professional wrestler. Audrey is “Coolie”. “Hightower”, “Ro-Ro” and “Luke Skywalker” have been retired. As has “Tank”, whoever the hell he was. The following are open.

The Kid
Ice Cream Man

This is important now more than ever. It has also come to my attention that many blackshirts are leaving for either graduation or jobs elsewhere. Which leaves the Grille to very few supervisors and supervisors in training. Well. We’re boned.