Top Ten Favorites

If you were really my friends, you would have gone back into the archives and read each and every post from now all the way back to junior year. But time is short from now until graduation.

Top Ten Favorite Posts

These are my top ten favorite posts for various reasons. Either, they are interesting, me showing off, or just because I have fond memories of the incidents blogged.

Beware, some of these are very long (1000+ words) and may constitute much procrastination on your part.

As of Nov 2008

1. Prom-1 (Junior year prom)
This is my favorite just for being one of my few actually literary significant posts. Not exactly a short story, due to the required Sparknotes spoof at the end, but brimming with ironic examples to really strengthen my point.

2. Post Prom Post (Senior year prom)
Yeah, Prom was fun.

3. “Stop making out!”
A good day. Good friends. Good fun. It’s nice to read this post and reminisce, I guess.

4. Slideshow
I am really proud of this slideshow, that I made singlehandedly. Just showing off I guess. Plus it consolidates all my math team fun from senior year.

5.“Furious Worms”
More math team fun. Plus a true surprise birthday party for true mathlete.

6. “Popeye-esque”
I don’t know how many of you have to deal with caffeine junkies, but it’s definitely a unique experience.

7.“Pimps don’t wear snowshoes!” (Turnabout 2007)
My first high school dance. It’s also the birth of my “Grand Unified Dance Theory” which is filled with pseudoscientific observations and equations. Not to mention a fun night overall. The rapid fire innuendos toward the end were the cherry on top.

8. My Irrational Tattoo
Math nerds everywhere will get a kick out of this. And the last line is just the best ever.

9. The Pimp Returns (Homecoming 2007)
Even more development of GUDT. Complete with graphs.

10. Academic Hostel
This is one of many of my more reference-filled notes. There is a meticulously photoshopped Halo reference to accompany the Max Payne homage in the finals post immediately before it.

Top Ten Favorite Excerpts

As of Aug 2009

Sentences not found in the posts above that deserve mention.

1. “I feel like over the last five days [Mr.] Venegoni has shoved the Glock of Knowledge against my forehead and bust the cap of Ancient Greek philosophical thought in my brain.”
3. “I love pockets. Things go in them.”
4. “I tried to restrain myself from screaming “JULIE FREAKING ANDREWS!” Oh well.”
5. “And they tell me I sorely lack extracurriculars that demonstrate my “people skills”. Bastards.”
6. “I shall see you in HELL, orange safety cone!!”
7. “Discussion is apparently centered around my “porn star mustache”. Now I’m curious.”
8. “As usual with new flashdrives, I superstitiously wore it on a lanyard around my neck to ward off evil spirits and manufacturer defects.”
9. “I wasn’t in flavor country, the Flavor Republic invaded with diabetes-inducing weapons and I was on my knees kissing the boot of its monarch.”
10. “Were there any turkeys in Asia? Turkey is the White Man’s Bird.”

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