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Academic Hostel

Sunday, January 4th, 2009

My results are in. I live to see another semester. I have a lot to say about the difficulties of the classes I took this past semester. I find that the best analogy for myself is to compare each class to being physically harmed in different ways.


regular old icepickEcon is more an annoyance than anything. Thrice weekly lectures are required thanks to daily quizzes, but softened by index card cheatsheets. Weekly homework assignments are frustrating but seldom impossible. It doesn’t cause the brain any pain, but it still is an unwelcome presence. It achieves the level of icepick in the lower back.

Fundamentals of Biology 111

regular old jigsaw

Bio is a jigsaw blade in the thigh. Overall, it’s not very much. But it’s the small bits here and there that’ll make you sorry. The overall ideas are not much more complicated than what’s been covered before in high school. The problem is that you’re tested on the most minute details of what is covered in lecture.

Organic Chemistry

Ochem is having a test tube jammed into your temple. It hurts, only gets worse with time and has a high probability of causing you to sputter with bewilderment and/or drool in public. Prof. Loudon is legendary in PrePharm circles. He literally wrote the book on Organic Chemistry. Compare difficulties to 10th grade chem and AP chem.

shield 10th-grade chemistry
Hordes of alien concepts vie to destroy you, but nerves of steel and a rapt attention give you a solid chance to prevail.
shield with droppers AP Chem
Your labs are as numerous as they are ferocious; their write-ups are devastating. Survival is not guaranteed.
shield with droppers forming an X and a human skull with wound Organic Chem
You face material you have never encountered before, that laughs contemptuously at your efforts to learn. This is suicide.

Human Anatomy and Physiology

BF tank

Anatomy is, you guessed it, being stabbed in the head with a tank. You initially think, “That’s impossible. No one can do that.” Then you begin to realize it is possible and your head explodes. Same with anatomy. You are expected to know every little charted and listed item lest you kill someone through applied ignorance.

Azn Fail: The College Years

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

How do I feel right now? The movie poster for Platoon comes to mind. Except the source of anguish are test scores and not cold-blooded acts of combat-induced betrayal.

me, anguished

I feel like this about a lot of things. These in particular.

Anatomy 27/40
Biology 24/34
O-chem 60/100