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Dream journal returns

Thursday, November 13th, 2008
  • I was in a classroom full of people I don’t know. Mr. Rugg was the teacher, but he wasn’t teaching. The purported TA was standing by an overhead showing us to how to use integrals to find the volume of a smoked ham.

    (Yes, yes, I need to upgrade my meal plan.)

  • First I was watching a Simpsons episode concerning time travel or something. It was sort of a cliched sci-fi plot like Groundhog Day. Then I was with a bunch of friends at a restaurant, except that the menu was all in gibberish, with items like “Kuat” and “Chi”. And I was like, “Hell, no, I’m not eating Chi, that makes me a Chinese vampire or something. And Chinese vampires aren’t scary.”


Saturday, October 11th, 2008
  • I learned that I am very good at two games. At orientation, I learned that I was finally, after years of abstinence, good at Twister. (One of the side effects of having big hands and feet.) The other game is Rock Band, which I played at John’s house the night after we were at the beach and right before I left for Purdue. I managed 99% on “Dirty Little Secret” vocals on medium. It probably stems from my Karaoke predilection. (One of the side effects of being Chinese.)
  • My unibrow came back even worse because I got rid of it before move-in day. Alex says I should have it waxed like his.
  • One day a suggestion box popped up in the floor bathroom. I suggested, “Ignore suggestions”.
  • There is a mop sink near the elevators. We are supposed to use it for several purposes that we can’t do in the bathroom:
    • storing the floor mop
    • throwing up in
    • washing dishes

    Hopefully not in that order.

  • All my friends here text each other. I’m just a simple boy with a simple cell phone plan. Amanda, though, thinks I’ll break before the end of the year and give in: getting a texting package. It would put a halt to calling and waking up people when asking where everyone goes to lunch.
  • People here are good at playing Euchre and Guitar Hero and Super Smash Bros and Halo 2. I am master of none and am therefore socially inept. Well, you know, more socially inept. Unequipped. I am cut off from the bonding experiences of a guitar battle, or being hit with a hammer by Pikachu or a killing spree or whatever analogous event that Euchre has.
  • I get better phone reception in the middle stall of the bathroom than in my room.
  • F^#$ IT! moments so far:

    • running shirtless through a fountain
    • Singing karaoke
    • Most Wednesday lunches
  • People call Organic Chem “orgo”. I call it O-chem because I fear Freudian slips. Like with “secant x” in sophomore year. I was supposed to put a trigonometric proof on the board and I did, only I accidentally wrote “sec x” as “se x” without realizing it. “Orgo” is just a bit too close to “orgy” for my tastes.
  • For Ochem lab reports, we have to write procedures in passive voice. This is torture; they are undoing everything that McD accomplished. I can’t hold out much longer…
  • Every big ten university needs a direct fiber line to Facebook’s servers. It’ll take the burden off of the rest of the Internet. You know, the productive part.
  • I’m too short for the peephole in my room’s door.