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There was a time when professors were kind

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Their lecture objectives were clear
and they held review sessions
there was a time when there was only one right answer
or it was matching
there was a time
then it all went wrong

I dreamed a dream of grades gone by
Where scores were high and curves forgiving
A GPA of 3.5
For six semesters, it had risen

When I was just a sophomore
And exam grades were far less weighted
I was boosted by my homework scores
Extra credit was allocated

But my grades began to fall
When I started therapeutics
Where B and C are both right
But B is not “the most correct”

Though after countless Friday nights
Immersed in a 2-inch thick ring binder
Tumbler of coffee by my side
Yet I still got a 73

I dream my grade will rise again
That this final boosts it higher
I can still pull off a B
if i score 93 or better

I had a dream my grades would be
So much higher than these C’s I’m given
So much higher like they used to be
Therapeutics killed the dream I dreamed