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Last updated Aug 2008

Name: Tommy Tran
Birthday: October
Nicknames:T-Tran, T-squared, T-cubed, Tom-Tom, Generic Asian Kid, Andrew Ly, T-Trizzle, TT, Trannyman, T-Bag, Tommy Lee, T-rex, Tron

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You are reading this because:

  1. Your heard about this blog from me in person or on facebook.
  2. You're bored.
  3. You're stalking me again, Chris.

I've been blogging since my sophomore year of high school and blogging consistently since junior year. It started out as another stage for me to be a class clown on. I would only post random blog fragments: snippets of conversation, criticism of TV commercial campaigns and pissed off rants about my cousin, all with my characteristic humor arsenal.

  • esotericism
  • paraprosdokians
  • explicit references to the Halo franchise

Then it sorta took on a life of its own as, buoyed by comments, I started blogging about everyday life, and they kept commenting! The cycle led to what you see today.

I only blog during certain "seasons" which mainly approximate the school year. (My summers are too boring.) This season, obviously my freshman year of college, marks the departure of the old cast (but retains the old crew) in favor of a new cast of characters. The old cast has been enrolled in colleges across the Midwest, but mostly at UIUC.

This blog is, I am beginning to believe, a humor blog. I try to write about my life. Apparently, at some point, my life became a joke.

Enough procrastination. Finish your homework.

the time is : 1685247675

P.S. If I am ever to stop blogging, I want the blog frozen until modern medicine is advanced enough to revive me.