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Friday, January 18th, 2013

My time home was brief. I purposefully chose to stay at Purdue to log some hours in the lab to offset the season’s higher-than-normal train fares and save a little for myself. Once I actually arrived home there was a lot of the familiar eating without doing any dishes, video games and cleaning my room.

This visit had slightly more gravitas than normal due to the fact that I won’t be returning until I move out of my apartment. I don’t yet know where I’ll be stationed for summer, whether it be in Arlington Heights, Indiana or savannah, but it’s time now for me to put away childish things. I had to get rid of my back issues of Popular Science, (paper) dictionaries, and myriad young adult novels. Oh, well. I could only read Beverly Cleary so many times. Why the purge? I need to return a bookshelf I borrowed. It’s not like I live there after all.


I was also reminded how horrifying my family could be.

What’s this? Just regular coffee creamer, right? Something you groggily reach for every morning to give that steamy, flirtatious, profound cup some mellower softer tones?

Wrong move, coffee snob!
ahhh, wtf is that?

That, my friends, is this.

Basically the Vietnamese answer to Italian dressing, it regularly drowns salad, noodles and spring rolls alike with its spicy, sugary, fishiness.

It is a horrifying thing to confuse and it’s not just confined to coffee creamer either. Depending on which family member’s house you’re at, it could occupy an old bottle of orange juice, V8 or VitaminWater. Thus, it is why I never drink orange soda out of bottles. I’ve been burned (at least, my tongue has) too many times by my mom’s deceptive seasoning-beverage receptable discordance. On a partially related note, I also no longer drink Mountain Dew on family road trips.

Because it might be pee.