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My place in danville

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

635 sq ft.

That’s what two day’s wages pay for. And it’s too much.

I don’t need that much room. That applied especially so before I acquired a few pieces of furniture. Some from family and friends. One from Craigslist. One from a Black Friday sale. I did enjoy the wall space for hanging art. Not that I know what I’m doing. I framed some “Ohio” art because Ohio is important to me and I wanted to preserve it. (BTW, Framer’s Edge in AH, knows their shit. Good guys.)
2015-08-21 11.41.57

2015-08-21 11.42.14

Growing up, the walls of the house were devoid of anything artistic. At least, intentionally artistic. Mostly mom’s stuff hung just because she had received it as a gift or it was a souvenir from Vietnam and she would be damned not to hang it after all that trouble.

Maybe I’ll commission some artist online for art. Walruses playing badminton in acrylics or something. Something delightfully absurd I can look at and laugh at late at night.

I did find a random nail over my stove which I decided to take advantage of.
2015-08-21 11.42.37

I was back and forth on whether to get a futon. But the nearest retailer with a futon was K-mart and they were charging $129 for delivery. And I don’t have any work friends nearby. For now, I have a recliner for television (what little I watch). It’s not great for reading though. That’s what the hammock and patio are for. But without a futon, I definitely can’t entertain at the moment. Unless you’ll like sitting on the floor drinking hard cider and looking at a retarded leopard.

Rent it today!

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

I received the news about my new job over the phone (while she was driving, no less) two weeks before I set foot behind the counter of my training store in Tinley Park. I had two weeks to find residence for this danville position.

First things first, bike 56 miles in 8 hrs. Then swing by danville on the way back home to scope out apartments. There were two. One doesn’t allow pets and only had a ground floor apartment. The other had many units, second and first story. And a liberal pet policy. I went with the latter. (Because I could not abide the thought of sharing a wall with a conservative hedgehog.)

I signed a lease the Thursday ten days before my move-in date. During that ten day’s time, I had 40 hours of training in Tinley Park, one 14-hr shift, and a BSOD that had me relearning the alphabet. But more on that partidubar pojnt lafer.

First, I had to acquire all the trappings of modern day life, which ironically didn’t involve any of my trapping equipment. Mostly paper towels, at least that was mom’s stratagem. I needed 16 rolls worth. And 52 pairs of boxers. And 3 toilet brushes. What does she think I do all day?

Whether or not she was trying to clean out her hall closet of coupon-ed goods, I totally went Giving Tree on Mom’s house.

2014-10-24 10.34.42

All this (sans bitchin’ black leather sofas) fits in one Honda Fit and one Toyota Sienna. Along with two and half Asians.

It turns out cornfields terrify my mom. There’s just… nothing. No one to hear your scream for help as you’re assaulted, she says. (By who, mom? A scare crow? A wind turbine? You spent a childhood playing in a rice paddy, for frick’s sake. Those have… tigers and shit.) She got an up close look at “rural” when we turned off I-57 to take some of those narrow two-lane country roads. She wasn’t so keen on danville either. No sidewalks and a lot of empty mall parking lots. And my landlord is black. But she was probably salty for other reasons that day.

Now me, I was less surprised by the economic non-activity and scratching my head at other observations.

Like a Little Caesar’s. And *gasp* a Family Video. (What year is it? Did my Honda Civic pull a DeLorean?) Do they not have Netflix here? This is like one of those weird time-warped towns whose anachronism serves as an allegory to complement the greater narrative. Or the internet sucks here.

Oh, wait.
Comcast. *exasperated sigh*